In this very strange world we are living in at present we all have to accept change and our lives have to change with it.

Provisional it has been stated that our industry can start to operate from Saturday 4 July.

The laws that we have to abide by are quite intense for the safety of you the customer and myself to keep everybody safe. With that said I will be working on an appointment system for the initial period as I will only be allowed 1 person in the salon at one time. I am at present ordering new equipment and clothing so I am ready to start ASAP.

I am starting to take appointments from Monday 29th June and I aim to work early mornings to later in the evening to ease the backlog of long haired hippy customers,   (plus I want a good laugh at all the home haircuts).

Phone Number for Appointments (only) 07935776698.

Yes, it’s trying times and nobody has been through anything like this before so hopefully I will endeavour to get it right, I’ll try hard, but it is a very strange time and we all have to adapt to change.

I will update my Facebook page Tales from Behind the Chair/Steve Molloy                     and my website stevetoptrend.co.uk as and when I know more info.

After 10 weeks away from Preston Bus Station who would have thought I would be missing the place??

Can’t wait to get back talking to my customers talking the usual tripe……beats talking to the wife!!!

Preston Bus Station,

Preston, Lancs,

PR1 1YT.