29th June Update

It’s now midday on the 29th June and it seems like I have been up all night with appointment calls. Yes we are getting ready for the Grand Reopening of my Emporium, Toptrend Hairdressing on the Bus Station.

Apart from a minor triple heart bypass operation 12 years ago I have never been away from my job for more than 2 weeks in over 50 years and when I get back to work after a holiday  I am bombarded with the usual “yer always on holiday “ banter.

This time I CAN’T be blamed.

As the lockdown weeks went by I was asked many time if I had got used to the relaxed day to day life style and was I going to retire? This whole episode of events has not only made me realise how much I have missed my work but I missed the day to day chat, banter and friendly abuse which added to the daily strange happening around us all.

This Saturday is the start of another chapter in my working life. It will be different for us all; making an appointment, keeping to an appointment, waiting outside the salon, wearing masks, me in gloves,mask and visor, (I haven’t been told if I have to wear wellies or high heels yet), no waiting chairs, hand sanitiser before a haircut, and the list goes on.

Some things stay the same, I am only taking CASH, no cards in my salon.

With all the work that is now in operation as far as getting the place ready to start working there is a very important issue I have to tell all my responsible customers.

When I start work on Saturday, if one client then goes for a test and is proved positive………I am out of the ball game for 14 DAYS. On the 15th day I go back to work and the same scenario happens I am out talking to me self again for another 14 DAYS.

Please act responsibly, if you feel unwell, or suspect any symptoms prior to your visit to see me please cancel ASAP.

I have purchased all sorts of PPE, disinfectant is coming out of me ears, sanitiser, wipes, new gowns etc, all to be safe from this virus. I ask, please look after your hairdresser!

With the amount of hair that will be shed I will probably dispense with the brush and buy a leaf blower for the floor.

Like I said earlier it will all be different and I hope to get it right or should I say we….my wife Jean will be my boss when it comes to cleaning and she will also be booking the appointments.

After 43 years of marriage I am the one that tries to get things right. Jean is the one that ALWAYS gets things right.

I look forward to seeing you all in my little man cave soon and bring all that hair with you!

Enjoy the experience,